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Resort Santa MAria | Ristorazione
Resort Santa MAria | Ristorazione


The restaurant of Santa Maria resort, “Sala Helios”, comesout from the desire to offer a service to one’s own guests but above all to let, those who visit Cilento land, know the ancient recipes of country tradition obtained from simple ingredients, always present in rural cookings.

A daily nourishment based on typical products of these areas, as bread, “pasta”, legume, olive oil vegetables, cheese, fruit and wine.

Someone erroneously tends to define this kind of food as mediteranean diet, but here one prefer to call it Cilento diet, scientifically tested, where proteins, vitamins and fats in the right measure are the elixir of a long life; that miraculous and yet very simple food made up “freselle” (slices of toasted or dried bread seasoned often with garlic, olive oil and salt), olive oil obtained with traditional methods of pressing (mill stones), marinated (pickled) anchovies in lemon juice, fish and meat grilled in the open air with olive wood.

The approach to the Park territory reserves to the visitor richness of fragrance, of tastes, of aromas always different because different is the micro environment in which one comes across.

The olive oil of intense aroma and fragrance, the air dried tomato, the Cilento white fig, the small chunks of sausages, “soppressata” (kind of salted pork), the sheep and goat cheese, the chestnuts, the bodied wine that becomes a delightful companion in the cool summer nights gone along with a plate of “fusilli” (local pasta) or a chunk of goat meat boiled for hours with thousand and one herbs, the tongues of “mozzarella” flavoured with myrthe, without forgetting the strawberries from the wood, they are only some of the delights that is possible to taste.

For this reason the Cilento cuisine exalts the local products and tastes, far off from the taste of the plasticization.


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